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    1. ALL guests are REQUIRED to have fun.

    2. While having said fun, please be safe, act responsibly and respect your neighbors.

    3. No scissor lists, bucket trucks, boom lifts or other mechanical lifts are permitted on property.  Scaffoldings and viewing platforms cannot exceed six (6) feet in height from the ground. 

    4. Drones are not permitted without FAA permit.

    5. All motorized vehicles must be licensed and street legal, this includes golf carts, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and buggies.  Bicycles are not permitted. No dirt bikes, mini bikes.

    6. Guests with mobility needs may use motorized carts including golf carts or other specialized vehicles, but must have a vehicle permit issued on site by the registration office.  Proof of need, including but not limited to a state issued “Disabled Person Parking Permit” is required. 

    7. While licensed vehicles displaying a current license plate are permitted on property, all vehicles entering the property, including golf carts, require a car parking pass which can be purchased online.

    8. Children 12-and-under are admitted free with ticketed adult.

    9. Ticket and parking refunds are not provided.  In the event of an event postponement, credit for a future event will be announced and provided.

    10. No Pets Allowed.  WE LOVE PETS! Which is why we must insist that you LEAVE THEM HOME. They would rather be anywhere but a racetrack.

    11. Please do not create your own city, state or country by roping off an area of our beloved property. Guests may choose to reserve spaces by purchasing a reserved space, but NOT by marking territory with ropes and streamers. That just irritates people.

    12. All wood fires are prohibited.  Fireworks, firearms and any fires larger than BBQ grills are prohibited.  Charcoal cooking is permitted in a proper grill, however, all wood fires and fire pits are prohibited.  Any wood brought on property for the purpose of burning is subject to confiscation.

    13. When exiting the property with the intent to return, you must have your ticket scanned out when exiting to be readmitted. 

    14. Cruising is a Sebring tradition, and while the roads are private, you still must abide by local traffic laws which includes wearing your seatbelt.  CLICK IT!

    15. To cruise the entire property, you must have a Loop Pass or parking pass associated with each area of the property.  Loop passes permit drive-through access but are not PARKING passes.  In order to park you must have a parking pass.  Any vehicle parked without a proper pass is subject to tow.

    16. The Sebring Raceway staff is going to bed at noon on Sunday. So, please go home – with ALL of your stuff – before then.