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Sebring International Raceway Sebring International Raceway
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 (800) 626-RACE  Purchase Tickets
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Sebring Raceway Archives

Sebring Raceway has very limited archives. Since there have been several different owners/promoters over the years, very few records survived. We have no entry forms or car inspection forms from any years, and only a limited about of photos, mainly from the 1986 to present.

For those researching a particular car or Sebring race, please be aware of the following:

CHASSIS NUMBERS – The bad news is that chassis numbers were never officially recorded at Sebring until the 1990s. Chassis numbers were never requested on entry forms or tech inspection forms, thus there are no chassis numbers records from Sebring.

RACE RESULTS – We have detailed race results for every year, however most of these are available on various websites. We also have a detailed Record Book available for $40 that covers the years 1952-2011. If you wish to purchase a copy call 800-626-7223.

LAP CHARTS – Lap chart books were published every year for the Sebring 12 Hours from 1956 – 1969 (except 1960 and 1961). We have most of these on file, but please note many of these years are available on various websites. Lap charts show the lap time for every lap and when pit stops were made.

SOUNDS OF SEBRING RECORD ALBLUMS - LP albums were produced for Sebring from 1956-1962, and also 1964. These are readily available on ebay. Digital versions are also available for some years.

SEBRING VIDEO – Sebring Raceway does not have any video available from past races. Official films were made for most years 1955-1971. Many of these can be viewed on YouTube.

SEBRING PROGRAMS – Sebring Raceway has souvenir programs available from recent years. Earlier editions can be easily found on ebay for most years. Since the late 1990s, Sebring programs are among the finest in all of motorsports, however programs from earlier years generally do not have much research value.

SEBRING POSTERS – Sebring Raceway posters are very popular among motorsports collectors. Posters from 1952-1961 are extremely rare and valuable. Those from 1962 to present are fairly common, especially since 1979. Please note “fake” posters have been produced for some years, especially the year 1960, where there are numerous fake posters being sold online. In addition, reproductions being passed off as originals have been made for 1962 as well as the 1959 Sebring F1 poster.

For Sebring historical research, we strongly recommend contacting these sources, which have extensive archives on sports car racing:

Revs Institute (Naples, Florida)
Outstanding archives of Sebring material, including entry forms from the early 1950s.

International Motor Racing Research Center (Watkins Glen, NY)

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