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Sebring International Raceway Sebring International Raceway
 (800) 626-RACE   Purchase Tickets
 (800) 626-RACE  Purchase Tickets

Raceway Policies

  1. ALL guests are REQUIRED to have fun.
  2. While having said fun, please be safe, act responsibly, and respect your neighbors.
  3. Our Legal Dept. and insurance carrier freak out over drones, golf carts, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, buggies and bicycles. If you exercise bad judgment and bring them to the track, round-the-clock day care (aka, “Impound”) is provided for these vehicles.
  4. Children 12-and-under are admitted free with ticketed adult. (Daycare is NOT provided for these children.)
  5. Guests with special needs must pick up passes at Registration for special viewing and parking access.
  6. Hey, it’s sports car racing, and it runs rain or shine. So, don’t EVEN ask for a refund.
  7. WE LOVE PETS! Which is why we must insist that you LEAVE THEM HOME. They would rather be anywhere but a racetrack.
  8. Please do not create your own city, state or country by roping off an area of our beloved property. Guests may choose to reserve spaces by purchasing a reserved space, but NOT by marking territory with ropes and streamers. That just irritates people.
  9. Feel free to fire up your BBQ grills. However, most other fires are BAD, and therefore prohibited, i.e., fireworks, firearms, fuses, and burning furniture.
  10. Due to gravity, we limit scaffolding to 6-feet tall.
  11. If you gotta make a beer run, go to the house to turn off the stove, or need to do anything else beyond our gates, your TICKET AND A PASS-OUT must be presented for readmission.
  12. Cruising is a Sebring tradition that will live longer than you, especially if you choose to cruise without sitting securely with seatbelts fastened. CLICK IT!
  13. Not even the Sheriff’s Department takes a golf cart into Green Park. Don’t think you can.
  14. The Sebring Raceway staff is going to bed at noon on Sunday. So, please go home – with ALL of your stuff – before then.


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