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Vendor Exhibitor Space

America's great sports car classic will run  March 14-17, 2018 , when Sebring International Raceway hosts the  66th Annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. Once again, Sebring will attract the finest international field of road racing cars and drivers to appear in North America. Sebring's famous  Midway features a variety of foods, beverages and souvenirs, plus manufacturer displays, and carnival rides, also the  Paddock is a great location to display or sell your product which is located between the suites and the Competitor Team Paddock (space is Extremely limited).

With nearly 200,000 in attendance, and over  130 vendors and exhibitors each year, space is going fast. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this world renowned event!

To reserve your space, just fax the  agreement with desired size and contact information to me at 863-655-1777. Deadline for vendor/display space is March 1, 2018. 

If you have any further questions, please call  Jesse McClelland at 863-655-1442 ext. 211.

Exhibitor Space Pricing

Exhibitor Space Pricing (Click here for PDF version)

  • Food Vendors: Paddock
    • $2,500 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
  • Non-Food Vendors: Paddock
    • 10' X 40' $2,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
    • 20' X 40' $3,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
    • 40' X 40' $4000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
    • Call for pricing above 40 ft. frontage
  • Booths Under Pit Structure: Paddock
    • Exhibitors - 14' x 18' Booth - Non-refundable fee of $1,500
    • Non-Food Vendors - 14' x 18' 
      $1,500 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
  • Exhibitors - No Sales - Paddock
    • 10' X 40' $2,000.00
    • 20' X 40' $3,000.00
    • 40' x 40' $4,000.00
  • Exhibitors - No Sales - Midway 
    • 10' X 40' $1,000.00
    • 20' X 40' $2,000.00
    • 40' x 40' $3,000.00
  • Food Vendors: Midway
    • $2,500 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018. (electricity included)
  • Non-Food Vendors: Midway
    • 10' X 40' - $1,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018.
    • 20' X 40' - $2,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018.
    • 30' X 40' - $3,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018.
    • 40' X 40' - $4,000 Non-refundable Deposit due by February 1, 2018.
    • Call for pricing above 40 ft. frontage

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations (Click here for PDF version)

Race Dates / Race Hours - Tentative
Booths must be manned from March 16th through the 19th .

  • Monday, March 12th, 2018 - Test day - Exhibitor Set-up
  • Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 - Test day
  • Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 - Practice/Qualifying
  • (Vendor or Exhibit) Must be set up and open this day through March 17tht.
  • Thursday, March 15th, 2018 - Practice/Qualifying
  • Friday, March 16th, 2018 - Race
  • Saturday, March 17th, 2018 - Race

All exhibitors/vendors must submit an application no later than January 15th, 2018.
A photograph or complete written description of the exhibit must be sent along with the application.

Upon approval of your application by SIR, a contract will be mailed to you as notification that your application has been accepted. Sign and return the contract with deposit by February 1st, 2018.

Rules of Conduct

  • All exhibitors/vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, according to the rules of this agreement. Any unruly conduct, refusal to follow rules, or use of foul language to race fans or raceway personnel will be considered grounds for expulsion from the racetrack. Such exhibitors/vendors will be invited to return to subsequent.
  • Scalping of credentials by exhibitors/vendors, their agents, family members, or any other person will result in immediate expulsion with no refund and the exhibitor/vendor will not be allowed to return to subsequent races.
  • All exhibitors/vendors will be required to keep their booths open for business during the hours specified on Page 1.

Laws and Ordinances
Exhibitors/ Vendors must comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local statutes and ordinances, and must assume full responsibility for the payment of all sales, use and processor interest taxes, assessments, and/or fees occasioned by Exhibitors/Vendors use of premises.

County Health and Sanitation
All laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to public health in the State of Florida, County of Highlands, will be in effect.

Health Permit
A health permit is mandatory for all exhibitors/vendors that will be selling prepared food products. A copy of your permit must be submitted before you will be allowed on the racetrack grounds.

Exhibitors/Vendors Move-In
Move in for all areas will be on the dates stated above.

All Exhibitors/Vendors must report to the registration office to verify space assignments and receive credential packets prior to set-up.
Product Information

  • It is expressly understood that the Exhibitor/Vendor, his agents or employees, are prohibited from holding drawings, games of chance, or from distributing, selling or displaying products, except for those listed in the Exhibitor Agreement and approval by SIR Management.
  • Exhibitory/Vendor certifies that said Exhibitor/Vendor is an authorized distributor, manufacturer or licensee of all articles, products and/or services that are distributed, displayed and/or sold at the racetrack. Exhibitor/Vendor further agrees that all articles, products, and/or services listed on Exhibitor Agreement and approved by SIR Management will be displayed, promoted and be readily available in quantity sufficient for consumer purchase.

Exhibitor/Vendors may request the approval of SIR to change the list of articles, products and/or services up to one month before the race. These changes must be received in writing.

Sub Leasing
Exhibitors/Vendors are prohibited from sub-leasing, assigning or apportioning the whole or any part of said space and/or stand allocation.

Exhibitors/Vendors will receive 4 credentials, which are good for the entire event. Parking passes will be issued on a case by case basis according to the exhibitors needs.
No credentials will be given out unless the contract is paid in full and a Certificate of Insurance is on file with the SIR office.

RV Parking
Sebring International Raceway does not guarantee location of RV or accessibility of utilities.


SIR will not be responsible for the safety of exhibits against theft, fire, robbery, accident, or any other destructive cause, or for any injury that may arise to the public in the leased area, or to the Exhibitors or their employees while on the property of SIR.

Race Attendance
Management is not responsible for decreases in normal race attendance due to acts of God, labor strikes, etc.

Rain Policy
There will be no refunds.

Food Quality
In an effort to maintain the highest quality, SIR has developed a food review committee who will be taste-testing food served from concessions stands. Concessionaires who are found to be serving sub-standard quality food will be notified by SIR Management in writing. Failure to improve quality will be grounds for Management to cancel that food item (no refunds) or to terminate the Concessionaire Agreement in its entirety.

Price Signs
All Food Concessionaires shall post the price of all their sale items for the public to plainly see.

Exclusive Product Agreements
SIR will grant Exclusive Product Agreements for the following products: Beer, Ice, Water and Soft Drinks.

These Exclusive Product Agreements will entitle Concessionaire the exclusive right to supply all applicable food concessions for the duration of the race. All applicable Concessionaires using these products must purchase products needed through the companies awarded the Agreement. Contact the SIR office for the names of companies holding Exclusive Product Agreements.

Assurance of Limited Competition
Sebring International Raceway will make reasonable efforts to insure that the number of vendors/concessionaires selling similar wares will be limited.

All food or beverage concessions must be kept neat and clean at all times. You are responsible for the immediate area around your stand.

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