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My Favorite Sebring Memories

By Bill Auberlen

“There is something about me and Sebring. We get along really well.

My memories of Sebring go back to when I was a kid, 17 years old, and crewing for my Dad’s Porsche. I built the engines for the car and did what ever had to be done as a member of the team. Dad won the 12 Hour in 1985 and I held up his sign board every lap. I serviced the car during pit stops and rode in the truck back to Redondo Beach afterwards.

Ten years later I was back at Sebring - now a driver - in an Alex Job Porsche and won. That win, with my dad and mom there - on the 10th anniversary of my father’s victory - is my fondest Sebring memory and one of my favorite racing memories in my long career.

I scored two more class wins at the 12 Hour with BMW in 1997 and 1998 and have raced the 12-Hour more than 20 times now. Last season, I scored the GTLM class pole in the all-new M6. While GT cars have changed significantly in the last two decades, the Sebring circuit remains the same in almost every respect. An experienced driver with a sympathetic ear to what a racing car needs and can do there is a large component of success at Sebring.

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